Healing Prayer

And they will lay hands on the sick and heal them.

Mark 16:18

Emotional Healing Ministry

Freedom from emotional wounds, trauma, and ungodly beliefs

How We Pray for You

We provide a loving, safe, and confidential space, in-person and online, to receive God’s love and healing touch.

Stories from Our Guests

Encouraging testimonies of how God has healed through In-Person and Online prayer.

Partner With Us

Join with us as we reach the sick and hurting God leads us to serve. Pray, Give, or Serve on our team.

I received joy in areas of my heart that were filled with shame. I feel so free and believe my body will reflect the soul healing I received tonight!


Winnetka CA

The Spirit of God was evident in walking me through how to navigate new pathways to process my emotions and thoughts. New paths to walk in. So encouraging!


Malibu CA

After four days of constant, ice pick/stabbing headaches, I received online ministry…the pain reduced immediately and was gone for good within 48 hours! Praise Jesus!


Mansfield OH

I sought prayer for my bum knee. Following the session, the pain was ramping down. And during the night and the next morning, I am now pain-free. God Heals. Prayer Works!


Whittier CA

I felt the weight and tension melt as I was prayed over and prayed for, and my concerns were lifted into God’s care. The tightness relaxed and the pressure in my chest disappeared. Thank you, Lord!


Thousand Oaks CA

I am finally free of this pain that has been with me for months in my wrist and hip and two years in my left foot. I receive the healing in Jesus’ name! 


Thousand Oaks CA

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Testify or Let the Stones Speak

Testify or Let the Stones Speak

Will you testify that Jesus is Lord, or will you betray Him when it gets messy?

On His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, as people were calling out Hosanna, this is what was going on with the Pharisees:

“As he was drawing near—already on the way down the Mount of Olives—the whole multitude of his disciples began to rejoice and praise God…

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

“The New Testament is so brutal to read in Hebrew when I compare it to the beautiful language of the Old Testament.”

Our Israeli tour guide said those words to me during a conversation he and I had atop a three-story building in Jerusalem that houses a Jewish synagogue, a Christian memorial, and an Islamic mosque…

Counting the Cost

Counting the Cost

He tells us to count the cost.
He did – He paid it all.
He told us to stop grumbling and complaining
Oh yeah, that one is a sin too.

He told us to take up our cross daily.
Am I willing??
When our schedules are jammed…

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