JERUSALEM, ISRAEL, February 22, 2020 — Have you had that moment when someone prophesies over you and your spirit leaps?

Yeah I have too. Ken Fish recently did a conference on mental health with Mike Flynn and Dr. Margaret Yoon. That should have been enough, but Ken had the three of them pray over each participant for ears to open. Well, I got “you are like a Lion in Winter; on 2-21-2020 something significant will happen in your life. There is an open portal over you and that you are being noticed.”

It wasn’t a nicey-nice shiny word; it was a word that rocked me. I had Denny record it, so yesterday morning (2-21-2020) I listened again with intent. I am in Israel. We started at the Mount of Olives that day and walked down the hill and up the Via Dolorosa, ending at the Garden Tomb. I was on high alert.

The day started with getting breakfast in the great dining area of our hotel. I felt this light tap on my shoulder. It was noticeable, and sweet. There was no one there! One of the team members shared he had had the same experience the day before. I then shared my word with two team members and asked them to watch with me.

At the Chapel of the Ascension there is a rock where Jesus may have ascended from. You are allowed to reach down and touch it. I did that, and burst into tears. What He did for me, what He released into me because of the Ascension. There are no words. I was hugged deeply by our tour guide Menashe, who is trying to sort out what charismatic revivalist Christians are all about.

Denny was in a lot of pain that day as we started our descent. We stopped and listened to Ken and Menashe as each explained more of what had happened in this area, and for us as Christians what is yet to come. Somewhere along the way I reminded Ken of the word he spoke over me. Next stop, the Prophets Tomb.

You have seen people go through commissioning services, but this wasn’t that. Ken lightly touched me in the tomb and I collapsed to the ground shaking under the anointing of God. I walked around like a drunk woman with one of the team following me, as Denny could not descend the stairs into the tomb due to pain. Then Ken touched me again and I was down again, and God reminded me He does the commissioning. He says who is this or that in the Kingdom. And He said to me, “I am commissioning you this day into the office of prophet.” I was wrecked. As I came up, Ken said, “did you get what you wanted?” Yes, but I wasn’t sure if man needed to do something too, so I shared that with him. I saw a budding almond branch. That was magnificent. We are here at the right time. In winter. That takes me to the word “you are like a lion in winter.”

We continued down the hill. There were other stops including Gethsemane, and again I was undone. My prayer was, “Jesus teach me to pray. I want to pray the way you want me to pray.”

It was the beginning of the weekend, and the Islamic community was out in force. The blaring of their prayers broadcast over all the land. It is disturbing, but it won’t be the final sound over this beautiful country.

Denny was in excruciating pain, and we made it to the Lion’s gate. Denny went through, and then I heard Ken’s booming baritone say, Where is Jill?” Then he threw his jacket over me. A mantle being placed on me as I walked through the Lion’s Gate. Commissioned by heaven and man. It was crazy and chaotic, but so God.

Denny and I and the team had lunch, and then Denny braved a slow walk to the hotel solo. I scooted off to the pool of Bethesda, where a bottle of water from the cistern there was collected for my husband.

Most of the team has now gone home. But at noon today a few of those who remain gathered in a meeting room on the fifth floor – Grace – and prayed for about an hour. I prophesied over everyone, including a fellow prophetess. Then others prayed for me. In so many ways this is a trip to set in motion the remaining days of our lives, Denny for writing and speaking and me in the prophetic in Healing Rooms and Inner Healing.

We are open to serve where He sends. We aren’t looking for platforms. We are looking to advance the Kingdom of God.


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