Our Directors

Jill and Dennis Ricci founded Conejo Valley Healing Rooms in 2011. They are passionate about releasing the Kingdom of God in their community so the sick and hurting are healed, people in bondage are set free, and all followers of Jesus are united in his love and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jill Ricci is an ordained minister and loves praying with others and for others. She’s also passionate about teaching healing ministry principles and practical skills. Jill’s Healing Rooms journey began at the Ventura Healing Rooms, where she served from 2009-2011. When she retired from L.A. Unified School District in 2010, she knew in her heart she wanted to open a Healing Rooms in the Conejo Valley. It’s the best and most rewarding job of her life. Jill is also a Licensed Minister through the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, founded by Randy Clark, and is a Certified Master Equipper through Global Awakening’s Christian Healing Certification Program. She is also a certified practitioner in multiple inner healing modalities to help people overcome wounds, lies, ungodly beliefs, and negative emotions, and to pursue a lifestyle of divine health.  Jill has served in the local church as a singles ministry leader and prayer team leader and member. She currently serves her church, The Fountain in Moorpark CA, on the leadership team and the prophetic worship team.

Dennis Ricci is an author, speaker, and writing/creativity instructor. He’s also an ordained minister who loves to pray for the sick and see God heal them. He is co-director of Conejo Valley Healing Rooms with his wife, Jill, serves weekly in the prayer rooms, and oversees administration and communications functions of the ministry. Dennis writes fiction because he believes in the power of story to move hearts and change culture. His personal passion to understand, live, and portray real justice fuels his storytelling. His award-winning debut novel, Perilous Judgment, released through Waterfall Press, an imprint of Amazon Publishing, in May 2016. Before founding Conejo Valley Healing Rooms with Jill, Dennis’ ministry emphasis was singing in worship teams and marketplace ministry. He founded SolidRock Business in 2007, a two-year ministry project dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs and corporate leaders how to do business God’s way. His current marketplace pursuits include mentoring emerging writers and authors and advising marketing practitioners on content strategy. Dennis currently serves his church, The Fountain in Moorpark CA, as a member of the leadership team and the Church Council.