Activating Dreams Experience


God is using the disrupted season we’re living through to focus His people on removing everything from their lives that interferes with His plans and purposes.

Even better, He’s awakening His people to hope and purpose.

Dreams are the fuel of hope. They point us to His purpose for us and inspire us forward.

Is there a dream in your heart that isn’t coming to life? This class is for you.
Are you burning to chase your dream but don’t know how? This class is for you.
Are you working hard at making your dream happen but hitting too many obstacles? This class is for you.

Activating Dreams Experience is a spirit-soul-body healing and growth journey.

Through six interactive modules, you will be guided to:

      • Meet Yourself: Discover who you really are and what you value most.
      • Dream Big: Connect the dreams God places in you to His purpose for you.
      • Form the Vision: Inspire and add value to others through what your dream will produce.
      • Pursue Growth: Turn vision into goals and plans to become who God says you are and do the good works He prepared for you.
      • Face Opposition: Release limiting mindsets and negative emotions; learn how to overcome internal and external obstacles that impede your progress.
      • Reflect and Persevere: Learn how to use your wins and setbacks to refocus, stay on course, and keep your eye on the prize.

What some past participants have said:

“Activating Dreams Experience helped me discover my purpose and passion for the next season in my life—to help others realize their purpose and dream through being a life coach. Now my husband and I are both certified life coaches and moving forward. Thank you for this course!”
– Christie Cox

“The best part of this course was the discovery journey! Discovery that dreams God placed within you can happen – NOW – in this time and that being stuck forever is just another lie. Oh, and the best part…your age doesn’t matter!”
– Yvette Guigneaux

“The techniques and exercises made it not easy, but fruitful, to start focusing on one dream and making progress in the one. And that progress with the same techniques and exercises will lead to progress in all my other dreams as well. And that is exciting! Thank you!
– Pamela McNeff Smith

“Dennis and Jill, your class was an answer to prayer. For so long I felt stuck, or hit walls. Wanting to be in a small classroom setting. Ongoing counseling and continued meeting with the same people in the class. God answered every one of my questions. God exceeded my expectations. Dennis and Jill were very detailed and informative. They helped me to ignite my passion for my God-given dreams. Bless you, Dennis and Jill.”
 – Sharon Palmer

“The journey we traveled in this class awakened dreams in me that I haven’t thought about for a long time. God spoke to me about things I need to work on.”
– Kathleen Fierst

“Dennis and Jill’s instruction was excellent, as were the course materials and the classroom environment. I appreciated how the material was structured for us to fill in key concepts for future study and reference. Completely met my expectations.”
– Don Leslie

“The presentation was thorough, the workbook is valuable for me as an ongoing working tool. Liked the inclusion of worship and prayer throughout the sessions. An inspired course!
– Ramona Spradling

“This course provided me an opportunity to begin dreaming again in a structured setting with a group of people who desired to find their destiny. Exceeded my expectations!”
– Laura Horan

“Activating Dreams Experience prompted me to want to start a new business – cleaning, organizing, and giving a smallface lift” to people’s rooms, with furniture rearrangement and some added new accessories to refresh the space! I want to call it “Space Lift.” I gained so much wisdom from the teachings of the class!!!!”
– Lisa Anne Kikerpill

The cost for this course is $169, which includes:

      • Eighteen hours of interactive instruction
      • A 100-page workbook
      • Supplemental dream activation tools.

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, all course materials will be provided as PDF files for download.

Course Meeting Dates:

November 14, November 21, December 5

Each class day consists of a morning session from 9:00 am – 12 noon and an afternoon session from 1:00-4:00 pm.

Registration is limited to 8 in-person and 16 online participants.

Course materials and preparation instructions will be distributed by email after your registration is confirmed.

In-Person Location:
Awakened to Life Center
31192 La Baya Drive, Suite A, Westlake Village CA 91362

Online Location:
Zoom Videoconference
(Link and password provided following registration)

Awaken to God’s purpose for your life and go for it. Register now for this life-changing healing and growth experience!

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