Beginning in January 2021, Awakened to Life will host live monthly round table talks on edgy and intriguing topics on community, faith, and life.

You’re invited to participate in these conversations with local and national influencers on issues that aren’t widely discussed, yet are important to know about.

Our next I Didn’t Know That! Roundtable will be Friday, January 22 at 7:00 pm, live at Awakened to Life Center, and simulcast via Zoom webinar. Our topic will be Healing from Generational Trauma, and our special guests will be:

      • Dr. Michael Hutchings, Director of Education for Global Awakening and President, God Heals PTSD Foundation
      • Ken Fish, President of Orbis Ministries
      • Dr. Shannae Anderson, Clinical Psychologist

Your host of I Didn’t Know That! is Yvette Guigneaux, Associate Director of Conejo Valley Healing Rooms.

This episode of I Didn’t Know That! will be part of the two-day in-person and online Healing Generational Trauma Conference. Tickets are on sale now via Eventbrite.


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