Depression Healed

L.P., Portland OR

Thank you so much, again, for the session! Holy Spirit was present and used you powerfully!

I have felt so much lighter and my mind and heart clear all day, since the first day. I’m not hanging onto negative or depressing thoughts… everything flows through the filter of Jesus… that’s the best way I can explain it. There’s a peace and strength I didn’t even realize I was missing… so freeing! The Lord is using you in a big way!

Hope Restored

I.L., Westlake Village

Thank you, Jesus, and Jill, and Karen. I felt so very acknowledged and the prayer Jill prayed pierced my heart!

Thank you for listening and understanding my situation. I have renewed HOPE for my future and I feel strengthened in my spirit to go forward.

Emotional Trauma Release

R.M., Moorpark

I was feeling trauma-related injury in the area of feeling guilt, depression, and self-condemnation while looking at photos of my kids when they were little. Jill and her prayer partner prayed for me and we released guilt and shame.

I went home and looked at photos of my kids, not consciously recalling our prayer time, and I realize there was no shame, guilt, or self-condemnation. I actually had joy!

Leg Tingling Dramatically Reduced

L.B., Lakeport CA

Please extend my thanks to your team for praying for me on Nov. 17. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, their prayers were right on target. I would say that I have experienced about a 75% improvement in the leg tingling since they prayed for me. What a blessed relief! I’ve only been waking up once a night, so my sleep is much improved.  I want to add that my intestinal issues gradually resolved after you prayed for me. I really appreciated it!

Knee and Back Pain Healed

C.J., Agoura CA

I came to Healing Rooms Conejo Valley with pain and stiffness in my knee and got prayer. It felt better and I could move it more freely. I felt like healing was started and I will continue to praise God for it and walk it out. I also felt tingling all over my body as I walked around the room. Then I got prayer for sciatic pain in my lower back and pain on my left side, which was my bad knee side. The pain on the left side of my back went away completely, and partially on my right side too. As I was bending over and over again to check it, I felt like I was bowing to Jesus and declaring all the pain had to bow to Him. Again, I will continue to bow down to Jesus and declare that I am healed!

Set Free from Spiritual Bondage

T.G., Los Angeles CA

Today while visiting Healing Rooms Conejo Valley) I received so much deliverance. I’ve been working through my process for many years. Somehow, before even visiting, I had a sense from the Holy Spirit that this visit would be special. Indeed it was. It was exactly what I needed in this season of my life. Jill Ricci is very compassionate and loving but at the same time, she will push you into your freedom. If you’re ready to go to the next level in your deliverance, Healing Rooms Conejo Valley is a place to visit.

Encouragement to Face Health Uncertainty

M.G., North Hills CA

I want to thank you so much for yesterday’s prayer. Your team prayed for my mom, she was having a biopsy done today. I wanted to let you know that she was so blessed by the words of encouragement and the prayers that she received yesterday…I know yesterday my mom was cute and I can’t wait to see the results. Thank you again for everything you guys do and for bringing hope to so many people.

Trauma Healed through Forgiveness

S.B., Winnetka CA

I have been on a journey of forgiveness because of trauma, and tonight I experienced the Holy Spirit in a powerful way through forgiving someone from my past. I received joy in areas of my heart that were filled with shame.

I feel so free and believe my body will reflect the soul healing I received tonight!

Emotional Trauma Healing

K.Z., Malibu CA

I had a follow-up prayer session where the Lord revealed issues from a prior trauma affecting my current trauma. Very surprising that the two were connected. I noted that the Spirit of God was still evident in walking me through how to navigate new pathways to process my emotions and thoughts. New paths to walk in. So encouraging. Thank you, Jill, and the HRCV team!