Improvement in Cancer Test Results, Relational Breakthrough

K.V., Thousand Oaks

On April 20 a Healing Rooms ministry team ministered online to K.V. and interceded for an adult child. K.V. is battling metastatic cancer and the child battles drug addiction.

Four days after receiving prayer, K.V. reported improvement in cancer markers–Praise God! The Lord also opened a relational door between K.V. and the adult child and made a way for a conversation, which K.V. reported as “a good thing.”

Thank you, Lord, for your love and healing!

Healed From 20 Years of Extreme Food Allergies!

B.S., Redding, CA

A couple of weeks ago (April 7), you folks prayed for me via virtual ministry regarding food allergies. This was a 20+ year struggle with problems that grew increasingly worse.

I’m happy to report that the Lord has done some major healing. I’m incorporating more things into my diet, such as potatoes and breakfast cereal, and am having no reactions. I’ve lived with a long list of don’t eats for so long that I have to try to remember what I gave up and keep trying new things, but I’m healed!

Thank you, God, and thank you, Healing Rooms!

God Saved Me from Death

J. L., Angleton TX

I was at Walmart and I was being followed by a gang (I didn’t know any of them). But it sure changed quickly so me & my bud Robert were chased down. At 110 mph now that fast, I am ok. Thank You, GOD! But the gang had other things going on at the time. 11 gang members were in the Dodge Durango. (13 & all) Why did it turn out to be so fast? Did we flip? Yes, 3 times. I was driving and I imagine it was because I was doing everything I could to get away. But at 1st they couldn’t get me breathing. (It was done GOD put it in the workers at Houston Memorial to save me) (after the coma I was involved in, which lasted about 3 weeks) Can I admit something? I have forgiven every gang member that was involved in my wreck. Do they know it? No probably not. That God’s job 🙂 GOD knows I’ve forgiven them 🙂 I also got Baptized 7 & 21 Oh yeah and also I couldn’t walk, talk, sit up, breathe again at 1st. I had to learn all over again.

I love God & His Son JESUS w/ Holy Spirit with all of my heart!!!! God Bless! And I would be NOWHERE without the support of my family, God and Jesus & Holy Spirit 3 in 1. But all of this wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have the help when I needed it.

My Son’s Improved Attention and Focus!

S.M., Cupertino, CA

My boy got virtual prayers over zoom for his development to be perfect and My faith my smaller than a mustard seed. Actually we got prayers everywhere and we haven’t seen improvement so quickly like this. My son is attentive during the school online video calls and his ability to understand has increased. He’s also more cooperative and looks at us when we call

We just received prayer on March 23, 2020. This is great news. Praise Jesus. And I believe my son is healed. As Jesus is, so is my boy, in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for your ministry and also thanks to the prayer group that prayed for him. Hallelujah!

Encouraging and Affirming!

J.V., Mansfield, OH

Our prayer time with Healing Rooms was powerfully encouraging and affirming! Also, prophetic words from our past were reiterated and confirmed by the team members ministering to us.

Last night was the first time either Annette or I used Zoom. Today a friend of Annette’s asked her if I would call her troubled 18-year-old son to pray with him. After a few seconds on the phone with him I heard God telling me to ask the boy if he’d rather talk on the phone or meet up on zoom. So I asked him and he said he’d prefer Zoom. 

It was so awesome! After he gave a brief description of his challenges and affirmed his faith in Jesus I asked him if he’d mind if one of his parents sat beside him while I ministered to him. He came back with his mom and God allowed me to expel over a dozen evil spirits from him. Fear, anxiety, worry, bitterness, resentment, confusion, regret, distraction, rejection, abandonment, and many others were cast out in Jesus’ Name!

After that, I asked him if he prayed in tongues regularly to which he replied no. I asked if he wanted to and he said he did. I had him repeat a prayer asking Jesus to baptize him with the Holy Spirit and then we all worshiped in tongues together!

Your ministry to us via Zoom made a way for this young man to be freed of lifelong bondages!

Foot, Ankle, and High Blood Pressure Healed

E.B., Los Angeles

During the last two weeks, I received ministry over the phone for healing. Both times, the Lord gave specific revelation and discernment to those ministering to me and the result was deliverance from something afflicting my foot and healing to my right ankle. Additionally, the Lord revealed generational high blood pressure and a sinus issue and I felt significant release and comfort in my body as the ministers prayed. Thank you, Jesus!!! And thank you for the phone ministry!!!!

Bum Knee Healed

J.H., Whittier

After kneeling on a concrete pool deck, I injured my left knee; it became painful on and off for months. Strangely, the pain was while at rest or while sleeping- not standing or walking.

I came to visit the Healing Rooms to witness the ministry in action. A session was made available to me and I sought prayer for the bum knee. Following the session, the pain was ramping down. And during the night and the next morning, I am now pain-free. God Heals. Prayer Works. Sure beats surgery.

I invite others to come and take part in this ministry and meet the caring staff. The prayer times are free of charge but I could not resist making an on-the-spot donation to affirm and support this amazing ministry. If you are in pain or ill, please avail yourself to prayer and watch God work on your behalf.

Lungs Healed

L.L., Thousand Oaks

I attended the Intimate Worship Encounter on Friday March 13…Jill Ricci spoke a word from the platform that I was being healed in my lungs. I feel totally healed! Thank you, Jesus, for total healing!!

Freedom from Trauma Related to False Accusations

M.S., Los Angeles

I was stuck in trauma from 7-year-old false accusations which hindered me from fully and confidently stepping into my identity in Christ. Jill led me through the trauma prayer and the deep barb/thorn of pain that I had felt completely left along with the weight of the accusation. I am no longer triggering when remembering the events but feeling joy and freedom instead. Thank you so much!