T.H., Simi Valley 

In Early July 2016 I developed a neck injury that was a combination of degenerative disk disease and a lifting injury with aggravated the condition and cause a painful nerve injury, affecting my right shoulder, upper arm, and upper forearm. Three weeks of physical therapy resulted in slow, limited improvement. Once I healed enough to drive to Thousand Oaks, I drove to the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms (Note: I had an MRI prior to my CVHR visit and it was found I had three swollen disks in my neck).

After my first visit to CVHR I had a large improvement in my condition, which improved further after a second visit for prayer. I now have full healing with no pain (current status of swollen disks not yet confirmed medically) and have returned to full health. Thank you!

Also, on January 16, 2017, I came in for an unrelated issue of nerve tingling in my right hand, from overuse. After prayer and anointing with oil I felt a reduction in the sensations. Thanks, and I am looking forward to further improvements!

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