P.M., Moorpark CA

I was drawn to the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms in God’s gentle way. I was to meet a dear friend for lunch and she asked if we could delay lunch and meet after her visit to the Healing Rooms. I was curious. “What was a Healing Room?” Soon, I was visiting Conejo Valley Healing Rooms on a regular basis, bringing with me concerns about pain in my body, chronic anxiety, and marital conflicts.

Surprisingly, I was immediately comfortable in the Healing Room setting. It just FELT RIGHT. I am very sensitive to subtleties in my surroundings and the Healing Room had the kind of loving environment that put me at ease. I sensed not only a loving and Holy Presence there, but also an openness or, rather, inclusiveness. This was not a place where one was expected to conform to some established set of beliefs or rules. One did not have to belong to this or that religious group. People of all religious beliefs were welcomed. How refreshing!

In sessions with various healers, I asked for prayer to address arthritis pain in my lower back and nerve pain in my neck. Shortly afterwards I was free of pain in both places.

In sessions with various healers I asked for help with long-term challenges with anxiety. Shortly afterwards my anxiety subsided. It has not resolved completely (yet), but it has diminished to the extent that I can now trust that the complete healing will happen according to God’s plans for me.

In sessions with other healers I spoke openly about my marital relationship; the frustration and pain of having different backgrounds, beliefs, and needs. The healers enabled me to feel safe and completely free to be vulnerable and to share these very sensitive concerns with assurance that there would be no judgment, but only loving acceptance and compassion. They anointed me with oil, put their hands on me, and prayed for me and with me. Subsequently, my wife and I were able to have deep and loving communications about the challenges we faced in maintaining our commitment to marriage, even though we are very different in many ways. The tension between us has melted away and we are once again accepting and loving each other just the way we are.

Finally, I came to the Healing Rooms with an even greater, more profound need—the need to have a more personal and ongoing relationship with God. Although I felt very close to God as a child, I had lost touch with the peace of His Presence. I felt that I no longer deserved it. Guilt and shame had become barriers to regaining a sense of communion with Father God. I was fearful that my sins were too shameful and unforgivable to ever be accepted back into His loving Presence. I this state of self-condemnation I had been attempting to “go it alone” in the world. I kept looking for love, but in all the wrong places.

In profoundly transforming sessions at the Healing Rooms I was supported by loving hearts and healing hands. We rode the roller coaster of tears and laughter that, in my experience, are the essential ingredients of true healing and the release of fear. I was freed of the false barriers—the lies—that had me convinced that I was not worthy of being forgiven.

Subsequently, I was blessed with the personal relationship—the Holy Communion—with God that I had been seeking with all my heart. I began “seeing the light”—literally! We meet daily now in the garden of His Radiance, and I share the ups and downs of everyday life with Him. We talk about everything and it is good.

I have now been graced with the opportunity to volunteer my time at the Healing Rooms in service to others—an honor and a blessing beyond words.

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