W.C., Canyon Country CA

I’ve had digestive issues for as long as I can remember. I constantly heard from my mother: “Well, Wanda has a weak stomach.” So it was just another “episode” when, in November 2016, I was in urgent care with severe abdominal pain. After many tests, I was sent home with no answers. I returned the next morning with the same issues and was sent to the hospital and admitted. I was told by the doctor on duty that there might be a problem with my gall bladder, though they could not find any gallstones. So they wanted to remove my diseased gall bladder as soon as the bacterial level in my body went down.

I was hesitant to do that and began seeking and praying for God’s will. Part of my seeking was weighing the benefits of health/life with and without a gall bladder. I was conflicted, but I needed to make a decision. I went to the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms. There, I received prayer for healing and wisdom. So the Lord gave me clarity, peace, and hooked me up with a great surgeon that would take the broken-down gall bladder out of my body. Since that surgery, I have no more “weak stomach” or digestive issues and have felt healthier than ever. God used the surgery as part of my healing path.

I thank God for the people who give up their time on Monday evenings to pray with, anoint, and hug those like me who sometimes need “someone with skin on” to come beside them and pray with them and offer God’s healing and hope. Amen, and thank you.

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