J.P., Thousand Oaks CA

A few months ago I came into the Healing Rooms for prayer for one thing, but the Lord reminded me I really needed prayer for something else.

I am caregiving for my 86-year old aunt, and my sense of well being has beed directly tied to how well she was doing. Since she has been rapidly declining, so has my own spirit. Holy Spirit told me there was something wrong about that, but He didn’t explain further.

When the team prayed for me I broke down sobbing. I don’t remember what they prayed, but something big had broken!

A few weeks ago I was telling someone about how rapidly my aunt is declining, and they kept saying, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” Then it dawned on me that my sense of well-being was no  longer dependent on how she was doing! Praising you, Yeshua, for yet another freedom in my life!

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