L.V., North Hollywood CA

I came in for an Inner Healing ministry session will Jill Ricci on January 10, 2017.

The session went very well. Jill is very anointed, has so much love and so much compassion. I felt the Issues I came in for were dealt with, but what I did not expect was to receive healing in my body.

I had herniated disks in my neck; I’ve had them for over a year, had received healing prayer for them in April 2016, but I was involved in a car accident in November 2016.  I was injured in my neck; of course I was very upset, as this was an area that God had previously healed. I was in constant pain and had to take prescription pain killers or Advil. Jill placed her hands on my neck after I mentioned my neck pain, and the pain left immediately. And I have been pain free since that day! Glory to God for his anointed vessel Jill, whom He chose to heal me. 

Jill has a very high healing gift. She is extremely anointed. What a tremendous gift she is. Glory to God – I am pain free for seven days now!

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