K.K., Thousand Oaks

I have been having struggles in my life…health, emotional, loss, jobs. Basically, seeking my soul purpose! I have been spending time outside talking to the Lord about my journey—my next step on how to be the best for Him, what He wants me to do. Seeing beautiful birds talk to me—praying every day and night…journaling! One of the most important and powerful tools Jill taught me was to first forgive myself, second those we love, and third those that challenge or hurt us. I do this every day after reading a book on forgiveness she gave me! It’s been a month, and WOW, God is amazing. He is working in me and for me! I prayed for a new career and two have been presented to me, and both something I want to do! My health has improved greatly! Today I felt the Lord release my fear and brain sickness. I feel so amazing! I am so grateful!

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