J.S., Agoura Hills

I visited the Healing Rooms for the first time on Monday, November 5, 2018. We prayed over a lot of things including the breaking of soul ties with my ex-husband and his infidelities, as well as the spiritual and emotional abuse he inflicted and any generational bondage to abuse in my family line. I also asked for prayer for financial provision and to be free from the control that my ex’s withholding of child support was having in my life.

Tuesday, I felt this great need to cry and release a lot of grief over this layer of abandonment. On Wednesday, my attorney called to tell me after a nine-month court battle that my ex filed to cut my support in half. The judge ruled completely in my favor and ordered him to pay higher support than before (something I had not been seeking and did not expect). The judge also ordered that spousal support would remain the same, which my attorney said is almost unheard of, and that my ex had to pay a portion of my attorney fees. A week later, after receiving a notice the county would be enforcing the nine months of unpaid support, he showed up that night with a check for the full amount plus a few months into the new year’s support. 

I also saw his spiritual abuse increase dramatically during this week, but it has now stopped, and I saw another huge blessing in God moving in my son’s life. Just a ton of things whereI’ve waited and trusted patiently for the nine months with finances and three years with my son all in one week suddenly come to fruition and a door for healing for my son happened.

I have been in awe with gratitude for how God has worked in this last week, even amidst very hard things with the shooting and evacuation for the fire.

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