From D.T., Newbury Park

July 9, 2012 – “I arrived at 5:30 to Borchard Center CVHR Healing Rooms to prepare for Healing Ministry as a team member. I was stressed with fatigue, jealousy, unforgiveness and fear. So, when Jill asked how are you and I said I am here she immediately sensed that I wasn’t the only one that walked in but the leeches that were hanging on me had come in too. As the team laid hands on me and asked the Holy Spirit to be present, as He already was, one by one they were exposed and removed from me. I am so free from the heaviness I was carrying around with me. My mind is clear and much more at peace and full of joy. Jesus is my deliverer, healer and lover of my life. Thank you Jesus for your obedient, loving committed warriors of prayer. To God Be the Glory.”

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