J.V., Mansfield, OH

Our prayer time with Healing Rooms was powerfully encouraging and affirming! Also, prophetic words from our past were reiterated and confirmed by the team members ministering to us.

Last night was the first time either Annette or I used Zoom. Today a friend of Annette’s asked her if I would call her troubled 18-year-old son to pray with him. After a few seconds on the phone with him I heard God telling me to ask the boy if he’d rather talk on the phone or meet up on zoom. So I asked him and he said he’d prefer Zoom. 
It was so awesome! After he gave a brief description of his challenges and affirmed his faith in Jesus I asked him if he’d mind if one of his parents sat beside him while I ministered to him. He came back with his mom and God allowed me to expel over a dozen evil spirits from him. Fear, anxiety, worry, bitterness, resentment, confusion, regret, distraction, rejection, abandonment, and many others were cast out in Jesus’ Name!
After that, I asked him if he prayed in tongues regularly to which he replied no. I asked if he wanted to and he said he did. I had him repeat a prayer asking Jesus to baptize him with the Holy Spirit and then we all worshiped in tongues together!
Your ministry to us via Zoom made a way for this young man to be freed of lifelong bondages!
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