From D. B., Newbury Park

February 25, 2012 – “I came in for prayer in November 2011 after receiving a letter from the IRS that stated our 2009 taxes were not correct and we owed them at least $3,000 for that year. I was distraught over what this might mean in that potentially we might have had to owe for additional years as well if we agreed to the IRS’ assessment.

“In addition, I asked for prayer for the healing of my knee from a flare up of an old injury that caused swelling and pain. I received prayer and words from the Lord hat God was going to take care of the IRS and, as I had peace, my knee would be healed.

“First, I did receive the peace of the Lord and the pain and swelling in my knee left over the next few days. Since that time, neither the pain nor the swelling have returned. I am able to exercise without discomfort and enjoy the full use of my knee.

“Secondly, my husband and I went to see a tax professional to help us write a letter to the IRS explaining our position as to the deductions we claimed for 2009 (which were in dispute). Our accountant had some home the issue could be taken care of. However, she cautioned it could go either way. If they rejected our explanation, we would have to set up a payment plan right away. As she prepared the letter, we gather together all of the relevant paperwork supporting our position. We submitted the package to the IRS shortly before the Christmas holidays.

“Last week we received a letter in the mail from the IRS indicating they accepted our explanation and considered the matter closed without us having to pay anything further! I know that God had our back in the situation and that He turned it around for us! Praise Jesus!!”

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