K.B.,  Newbury Park

February 7, 2014 – I  received prayer for generational issues of anxiety and fear. That day while driving home from work I was amazed at how blue the sky was. A veil had been lifted from my eyes. Usually even fun events around the holidays were riddled with anxiety. I went through the holiday season in complete joy and peace. I finally got to enjoy all the Christmas parties and events for the first time in my life. While going through some more generational work and inner healing I was set free of long-term sinus issues. For the last several years one sinus and lung were regularly blocked. Both my daughter, and myself now four years old, are breathing great. Forgiving old wounds from family has set me free both emotionally and physically.

God is continuing to heal my marriage through prayer for forgiveness; opening doors & opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be there. My husband and I are experiencing a sense of unity that we’ve never had before.

The result of receiving prayer and healing is a daily freedom & a weight lifted that affects my entire family. My faith is continually being strengthened through this process. I am so excited to se what God’s plan for me and my family is.

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