From M. T., Woodland Hills

September 3, 2011 – “Jill Ricci prayed for me at my hair salon for my vertigo after all other clients were gone. I walked back and forth lifting and lowering my head. No dizziness. Amazing. I remained healed from vertigo about 80% for a long time. Jill prayed again outside my new shop and I continued to improve. Then the Lord showed me some lifestyle changes to make. I have not vertigo today. I am taking no medications.

“Six weeks ago, I shared with Jill that my family wanted me off anti-anxiety meds because they were making my personality not my own. I also shared that over 20 years ago I had the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but it had been years since I prayed in a heavenly language. Jill first prayed for my anxiety and fear levels. Her husband Dennis partnered in prayer with us. Then she prayed that my prayer language would be released again. It has been. She called to see how I’m doing. I am waking up without anxiety and I am praising God for His mercy and goodness to me. Thank you IAHR for training people how to release the power of heaven into people’s lives so they can live free and move into the destiny Jesus has for them. Thanks too for working outside of Healing Rooms hours. It really was a beauty shop experience as the beauty of the Lord came and healed me.”

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