S.B., Oak Park

I came to the Healing Rooms and received prayer for my home, as I thought I may lose it. The HoA was going to sell it our from under me for a large debt I owed some years ago. They pursued me in the courts. The Healing Rooms people prayed for me weekly as I took steps, guided by God, and he saved my home!

I received a loan that was impossible to get, given my credit history. The HoA debt was paid, and I am grateful to the Healing Rooms and God for saving my home.

I also received prayer for my back, which was in Level 7 pain. After prayer the pain reduced to Level 4, then to no pain at all! This happened in a single prayer session. I am so grateful to God and the Healing Rooms! I could write so much more about all the positive changes I’ve experienced in my life through receiving prayer at the Healing Rooms.

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