My hearing was dimming, my ears stopped, I felt as though I was in a tunnel. I finally made an appointment to see the audiologist, after much prompting from my family.

One of the Healing Rooms team members was being prayed for by other members for her ears. I watched as they prayed, and asked her as they moved around the room, could she hear their command. I continued to watch off a distance and said in my heart, ‘God, heal my ears too.’ The Holy Spirit is so gentle, He often has come and gone before one realizes His presence was amongst us. This is what happened to me.

As they prayed for her, I received, and my ears wire healed also. As days went by, all of a sudden I realized the tunnel sensation was gone, my hearing was keener. I did not have to raise the volume on the TV. This was huge!

Jehovah Rophe healed my ears and gave me the secret petition of my heart. I give Him the glory!!

P. B., Newbury Park

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