P.J., Thousand Oaks CA

I came to the CVHR for prayer regarding my neck. For a couple of months I had neck stiffness, pain, and radiating tingling down my arms, along with numbness. Doctors had said it was caused by degenerative disc disease along with arthritis from an injury I sustained many years ago. When I came in, I immediately sensed the Presence of God.

One worker anointed me with oil and prayed for me as I waited. Then two prayer team members came and took me back into the prayer room. At that point my pain was about a level 7 on a scale from 1-10. They prayed, and I felt the peace of God. Paint went down to about level 5. They prayed again, and more relaxation of my muscles happened, and pain down to level 3.

Then I asked if I could be anointed with one of the special oils. The prayer worker put a drop in my hand and I rubbed my hands together, then breathed in the fragrance. When I did, I erupted in laughter, and I felt all pain go and a loose feeling in my neck, as well as my spirit lifting up in tremendous joy.

Even after I left the Healing Room, the light, joyous spirit stayed with me. I thank God for the CVHR and the ministry they provide. I thank Jesus for his enduring work on the cross.

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