From L.D., Camarillo:

December 12, 2012 – It was March of 2011 when I attended a Healing Room Conference in Agoura. I went with the sole purpose of just “checking it out” and nothing more. My intent was to be better informed about the Healing Room Ministry.

I was not in need of physical, emotional, or mental healing but was at the time really searching for where God was directing my life. To my surprise I was given a word … “the Lord was bringing me from behind the scenes to the front.” I was like … Ok Lord, I am not sure exactly what that means but I am going to be anticipating your revelation of how that applies to my life. At the time, I was on staff as the Office Manager at the church I was attending. In November 2011, I was approached by the Pastor to become his assistant. I thought to myself and even told him … ‘there are other people that have the skill set to be your assistant that I don’t have.” He in turn said, “Are you able to learn the skills?” Through much prayer and conversation with the Pastor it became very clear to me that this is what the Lord was saying to me at the Healing Room Conference.

There have been times I have gotten a word from God but not really looking for that to come to pass, but this was different. When that word was spoken it pierced my heart and I could not let it go. From that point on I was really looking for how that was going to come to be.

By the way, I love my job. Thank you, Jesus.

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