From P.C., Newbury Park

July 1, 2012 –  “When I received a call from radiology revealing a possible mass in my lower left kidney, immediately I heard Jesus say, “go to the healing room.” With the CT appointment looming, fear took hold. So, when I came for prayer, the Spirit revealed that. It was literally crippling and choking my peace. It amazed me to receive the “effective prayer of a righteous man” in this arena. I’ve been to Healing Rooms before, and am convinced they are equal in necessity to the medical care we pursue. One’s spirit can be readily dismayed with all the information out on various diseases, etc. And while God hears the prayers of everyone, there is definite power to a trained warrior. I needed that so badly that I requested no one post my situation on Facebook. I did not want any confusing spirits battling with the Spirit of God.

“After being prayed for, I felt much better. But two days later, I was immersed in a spirit of peace. It seems similar to the surgery one would have on a wounded limb. The doctor cleans it up, but you hurt for awhile. then, you feel radically better. The peace ministered to me all through my CT, and of course, we were delighted with the results- no tumor, no cancer.

“Keep up the good, invaluable work of specifically praying for the broken brethren. I am regularly recommending people your way.”

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