From A.A., Thousand Oaks

April 29,2012 – “NO MORE PROSTATE CANCER!! PRAISE THE LORD. In August of 2011 my PSA rose from 4.0 at the beginning of the year to 6.5. My doctor suggested a biopsy. Appointment was made a couple of months later. The urologist had another blood test and PSA increased to 8.9. A biopsy was done with results of moderate to aggressive cancer in all sections tested. An appointment was made with a radiologist to prepare for treatment. I went forward at our church for prayer regarding this appointment in December. The couple who prayed are part of the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms. A C.T. scan was done to get the exact location of the cancer. This is the second time I was diagnosed with cancer. The first time, God used the hands and the heart of a young doctor that cared more for the patient than his personal record, since I was told by several doctors, it was useless to operate, to go after the tumor. Nothing could be done. Guess what! It’s been almost 10 years and the lung cancer has not returned. Praise the Lord! This time the doctor could not find any cancer in the C.T. XRAYS. He couldn’t believe it, so he ordered a P.E.T. Scan. Which picks up only the cancer. God did it Himself this time. I do not have cancer. Another Miracle. I’ve been a part of many. GOD answers prayers. I have many to thank for their prayers.”

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