K.D., Simi Valley

I came to the Healing Rooms in 2016 after my husband decided to walk out on our family without explanation, only to never return. I was broken, alone, and didn’t know a single person very well up here. I had moved to Simi Valley with my three children after the marriage ended and all of our friends and family were his. When he walked out, we lost everyone.

I was lost as to how I was going to care for three children on a single income, find a place to live, and survive. My daughter, seven years old at the time, came with me to work every week. I was certain that if I stood on God’s Word, fasted and prayed, it’d be okay. God had a different plan. Instead, the Healing Rooms team stood with me, at times carried me, and God sustained me. While my husband never returned, God used the Healing Rooms to show me that He works all things for good!

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