From L.G., Westlake Village:

Wednesday at Healing Rooms was so great. The team helped me so much. I was right in the middle of a long day of pre-end-of-tax-season crazy boss problems. This had just occurred when I came into Healing Rooms, Mean, it was, but that wasn’t all. It was out of control, and what, I have to work in this?? I didn’t walk out though, as I have in the past. I went out for lunch, which is Healing Rooms on Wednesdays.

The Lord is showing me things too. Stuff just for me – not bit wide-spread things. But it is wonderful!! That stuff from last near is just completely gone.

And, I know THAT is in great, great part to you guys helping me SO much. Even when I look at my house, I just can’t believe the work you two have helped me with. If you hadn’t, it would still be the very same.

It isn’t finished, but for once I know I am right in the middle of good changes. Not just being fished out of hell.

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