From L.G., Westlake Village

Good news: My dog and I are well. I took him in to have a yearly check – he got his shots and the veterinarian worked on his mouth, putting him under for a dental cleaning. The vet told me afterwards his little heart had stopped during the procedure – he died briefly – but bounded right back on his own too. The vet said that would be the last anesthesia he would get. I agree.

I can attribute his protection and the fact that he is alive to prayer – I just knew he needed to have prayer and I am so glad to have been able to bring him in to the Healing Rooms. And we prayed about the procedure. Simple stuff. Oil and anointing too. I wasn’t sick and worried, but alert and conscious of praying when it came time. And he came out ok, but it is clear, it probably wasn’t intended to end up that way. He is here with me asleep on the sofa as I write this. And am I glad. I love my dog.

Thank you Jesus for protecting my little guy. And thank you guys at the Healing Rooms for just being there. I appreciate it!!

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