From C.C., Thousand Oaks

May 30, 2012 – “Last year I suffered some severe back pain which grew so bad that I was rushed to the ER one day from work.  After an MRI, I was taken to get an epidural. The doctor said I had  protruding discs on my L5 and L6 and a lot of arthritis. The epidural relieved the pain for months. In October I traveled to Italy and had to stop to do exercises to relieve the pain so I could continue. We were with a group and I asked them to go ahead and I would catch up. Some days I had to sit directly on the ground wherever I was to stretch and get myself out of pain… it was a temporary fix.??”The weekend after I came home I attended the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms Training on November 5, 2011. At the end of the day when the pastor invited anyone to come up for healing, I thought “why not?” and I walked up for prayer. I remember all the details vividly and there was nothing huge or strange or weird about it… just a man and woman I didn’t know who asked if it was OK to put their hands on me and pray for healing. I agreed. They prayed twice for me and I felt a weakness and heat in my back. From that day until now – about 6 months – I have not had a pain or indication of any discomfort. I praise God for healing!”

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