From L.G., Newbury Park

April 13, 2012 – “I had been suffering from sinus trouble for several months and even though I had taken everything under the sun; over the counter, all natural, prescription; from my trip to the ear, nose & throat doctor; I still could get no relief. I was attending Lighthouse for the second time, I was told about the Healing Rooms & had heard the testimony from others who had attended and thought, Yeah, I mean, right? I’ve tried everything else. Why not let God have a go at it.” I went up to Jill & asked her to pray for me. And pray for me she did. I was healed that day, but not just my sinuses, with Jill’s openness to God’s words she spoke into my life what my Father had already been saying, ‘You are worthy of being healed my daughter, so get your butt up there and get it!’”

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