A.W., Moorpark CA

My healing story begins in May of 2013. I was diagnosed for the second time with breast cancer. This time it was present in my spine. I met Jill and Denny at their Be Healed conference and I knew I had to be friends with them. Over the next year, I would visit the Healing Rooms weekly. It would always help me mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. They continued to believe for me that God would heal me. Even when things took a turn for the worse! I had fluid in my heart and lungs, kidney failure, and a fractured vertebra from the cancer! We just kept believing and praying.

Then, October 31, 2014, I received the phone call, the one we always prayed for. My doctor called  and read me my report from a recent scan. My cancer was inactive. It was gone! One year later, I am still cancer-free!

Thank you Jesus! Thank you to the whole prayer team! It does take a village to get you through!

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