From P. F., Thousand Oaks

May 11, 2011 – “I walked into the Healing Rooms at the Cameron Center. I had a bad morning, my stomach hurt just in one spot. I told the Healing Rooms team I needed to be there as I was hurting. Different team members were praying and all of a sudden my pain was gone. it was like it washed away. Oh what a blessing this was!”

“When Jill (Director) came around each one of us was thee before she said anything I told her the pain had gone away. Now we’re working on [my] hearing problem. It is so different to hear special people who talk so soft. I want to be able to hear what all is going on around me but up until now I have to keep praying and have others pray that this will come about in Jesus’ name. It will happen.

“Shut the devil out, go away. I know I have to pray each day for Jesus to let me hear again. I know I need this healing to be firmly rooted. I will let only God in. The devil wants to come in and take it away. No, no! I’ll refuse to listen. I can hear, I can hear, are my words morning, noon, and night. I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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