Arthritis/Carpal Tunnel Pain Healed

D.H., Newbury Park

I have been struggling with arthritis and carpal tunnel and ligament issues in my right hand for over a year. I had to basically retire from my massage business due to pain and swelling. I have had numerous shots in my hand and the doctor said I needed to have surgery!

Jill prayed over my swollen hand and thumb. The lump in my hand that I constantly am struggling with is all gone! I can move my thumb and wrist without any pain or swelling!

Thank you CVHR so very much for what all of you do there!

Neck Pain Gone, Spirit Uplifted

P.J., Thousand Oaks CA I came to the CVHR for prayer regarding my neck. For a couple of months I had neck stiffness, pain, and radiating tingling down my arms, along with numbness. Doctors had said it was caused by degenerative disc disease along with arthritis from...