Encouragement to Face Health Uncertainty

M.G., North Hills CA

I want to thank you so much for yesterday’s prayer. Your team prayed for my mom, she was having a biopsy done today. I wanted to let you know that she was so blessed by the words of encouragement and the prayers that she received yesterday…I know yesterday my mom was cute and I can’t wait to see the results. Thank you again for everything you guys do and for bringing hope to so many people.

Emotional Trauma Healing

K.Z., Malibu CA

I had a follow-up prayer session where the Lord revealed issues from a prior trauma affecting my current trauma. Very surprising that the two were connected. I noted that the Spirit of God was still evident in walking me through how to navigate new pathways to process my emotions and thoughts. New paths to walk in. So encouraging. Thank you, Jill, and the HRCV team!

Emotional Healing, Career Breakthrough

K.K., Thousand Oaks

I have been having struggles in my life…health, emotional, loss, jobs. Basically, seeking my soul purpose! I have been spending time outside talking to the Lord about my journey—my next step on how to be the best for Him, what He wants me to do. Seeing beautiful birds talk to me—praying every day and night…journaling! One of the most important and powerful tools Jill taught me was to first forgive myself, second those we love, and third those that challenge or hurt us. I do this every day after reading a book on forgiveness she gave me! It’s been a month, and WOW, God is amazing. He is working in me and for me! I prayed for a new career and two have been presented to me, and both something I want to do! My health has improved greatly! Today I felt the Lord release my fear and brain sickness. I feel so amazing! I am so grateful!

Overcoming My Husband’s Abandonment

K.D. Simi Valley

I was lost as to how I was going to care for three children on a single income, find a place to live, and survive. My daughter, seven years old at the time, came with me to work every week. I was certain that if I stood on God’s Word, fasted and prayed, it’d be okay. God had a different plan. Instead, the Healing Rooms team stood with me, at times carried me, and God sustained me. While my husband never returned, God used the Healing Rooms to show me that He works all things for good!

Emotional Healing And Neck Pain Healed

L.V., North Hollywood CA

I came in for an Inner Healing ministry session will Jill Ricci on January 10, 2017.

The session went very well. Jill is very anointed, has so much love and so much compassion. I felt the Issues I came in for were dealt with, but what I did not expect was to receive healing in my body.

Emotional Recovery and Freedom

E.J., Thousand Oaks CA I had been in a physically and emotionally abusive marriage for 5 years.  By the grace of God I got out and was safe.  After months of Christian counseling and support groups I felt like I was in the same place emotionally and spiritually.  I...

Emotional Healing and Freedom

J.P., Thousand Oaks CA A few months ago I came into the Healing Rooms for prayer for one thing, but the Lord reminded me I really needed prayer for something else. I am caregiving for my 86-year old aunt, and my sense of well being has beed directly tied to how well...

Renewed and Refreshed!

J.P., Newbury Park I have to give a great big “Shout out” on behalf of Conejo Valley Healing Rooms…AGAIN!!! I had the honor of receiving awesome renewing prayer Monday night, and when I apologized for coming in so often they said (paraphrased)...

Emotional Strength Restored

From M.N., Thousand Oaks November 13, 2013 – My life was so hard before being introduced to Conejo Valley Healing Rooms. I heard a lot about it through friends who were aware of my medical and financial struggles. I didn’t think it would help me, so I...

Allergies Healed and Much More!

Carrie Burgert came to Conejo Valley Healing Rooms battling allergies and chronic respiratory issues, and God healed both her body and her soul! Watch the video to hear her...