Neck Pain

Emotional Healing And Neck Pain Healed

L.V., North Hollywood CA

I came in for an Inner Healing ministry session will Jill Ricci on January 10, 2017.

The session went very well. Jill is very anointed, has so much love and so much compassion. I felt the Issues I came in for were dealt with, but what I did not expect was to receive healing in my body.

Neck Pain Gone, Spirit Uplifted

P.J., Thousand Oaks CA I came to the CVHR for prayer regarding my neck. For a couple of months I had neck stiffness, pain, and radiating tingling down my arms, along with numbness. Doctors had said it was caused by degenerative disc disease along with arthritis from...

Neck and Back Pain Healed

From H. M., Camarillo October 26, 2011 – “Pat, Maria, and Korie prayed for the Holy Spirit to lead me with peace. Korie put oil on my neck and I felt a release and the ability to put my cares in the Lord’s hands. Maria quoted a Scripture from 1 John...