Stomach Pain

Pain in Multiple Body Locations Healed

D.B., Lancaster CA

I came to the Healing Rooms with stomach and back (kidney)pain, also leg pain from where skin cancer was removed. After being prayed for all the pain is completely gone and I’m filled with such amazing peace.

Praise God!

Abdominal Pain Healed

From S.L, Oak Park January 13, 2014 – When I first came to CVHR I was in a lot of abdominal pain, almost enough to go to the E.R., and I was scheduled for urgent surgery. Because I’m a single Mom and am self-employed I was very concerned about surgery, and...

Stomach Pain Instantly Healed

From P. F., Thousand Oaks May 11, 2011 – “I walked into the Healing Rooms at the Cameron Center. I had a bad morning, my stomach hurt just in one spot. I told the Healing Rooms team I needed to be there as I was hurting. Different team members were praying...